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Keystone Awards for Job Creation

Join us in recognizing and empowering job creating business owners 

Nominate a business owner for the next Keystone event near you.

The Keystone Awards are presented to the most respected business builders in Canada.

Their story is Canada’s story.

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Is there a cost to receiving the annual Keystone award for job creation?

No, there is no cost to be nominated or selected for Keystone award.

What is the process to become a Keystone Member?

Membership is by invitation only, and admission is reserved for only the top 10 employers in each riding, also known as an electoral district. By design, Membership is limited to the owners or CEO’s of independently owned businesses. Business owners can be nominated, or they can apply themselves.

Is Keystone a Nonprofit?

No, we are an invitation only private network, designed for business owners by business owners. Like our membership, Keystone is a privately owned Canadian company. We take an independent, non-partisan approach to politics. We think long term, and are more concerned about that next generation than the next election.

Recognizing the most respected
business builders in Canada.

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Our sponsors

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors whose generous support has been instrumental in making the Keystone Awards a resounding success making a significant impact in our community.

CIBC Wood Gundy (8)
GGFL Chartered professional accountants (2)
KPMG (1)
HUB (1)
MBM  (1)
Brazeu Seller Law (2)
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Stronach Foundation
Dean French Advisor